The first truly written Transit Number system is considered to be a Hindu Arabic ranking system. This method was established in India in the 7th century, but is not yet in its modern form, because the use of zero marks has not been accepted widely. Sometimes the points were marked as a square wildcard. The first accepted use of zero was 876. Original statistics were like modern humans, but Glyph was used to represent the number. [5]

Number of Mayan Point System
In the 13th century, Western Arabic figures were accepted in western math circles (Fibonacci used them in their library Abaasi). They started with formal use in the 15th century. By the end of the twentieth century, almost all the world's non-computerized calculations were made from the original number system.

Another historical number system with points
The exact age of the Mayan points is unclear, but it can be outdated by a Hindu-Arab system. If the system is vigilant (base 20), then it is twenty points. Maya used cup icons to represent zero. The numbers were written vertically along the bottom-to-place. Maya did not have the equivalent of a modern decimal divider, so could not present diversity.

Thai number system is similar to the Hindu-Arabic number system, except for the symbols used for the number of points. The use of these figures in Thailand was minimal but was still used with Arabic numbers.

The traditional Chinese mathematicians are a decimal pass system that can not represent zero numbers and negative numbers. Mathematics bars themselves predicting the Hindu-Arabic numeral system. Suzhou Point Steak is a form of diagrams.

Binary (base 2), octal (base 8) and hexadecimal (base 16) system comply with the convention of all Hindu-Arabic Numerical systems widely used in computer science. The binary system only uses "0" and "1" when the octal system uses "0" digits or "7". The hexadecimal system uses all the digits of a decimal system and "f" characters represent 10 to 15 "f" characters.

Unusual system
Sometimes dreadful and balanced star systems are used. They are base 3 systems.

Balanced turnery behavior is unusual when the balanced numbers are 1, 0, and -1. The balanced triangle comes out for some useful features and was used in Russian Russian satellite computers.

Over the last 300 years, many authors have provided revised decimal representation of the possibility of intermediate hint. Some benefits are used to describe numerical digits that represent negative values. In August 1840, Augustine-Louis Cauchy advocated support for the introduction of numbers signed by numbers, and in 1928 Florian Kazizi presented a collection of negative references. The idea of ​​presenting signature issues in computer design has also been accepted.

Points in Mathematics
Despite the numbers required to describe numbers, they are relatively unnecessary for modern mathematics. However, there are some important mathematical concepts in which numbers are represented in the form of numbers.